Sick Children - One tactic I use every time

Peter has suddenly come down with a respiratory infection and fever. I DO have things like aspirin and other commercially used products on hand for emergencies. But I first try to heal him with things that our grandmother's used like warm tea and honey, eucalyptus oil on his chest, steamy showers, fresh sheets (to promote sleep), story telling and botanicals (Ivy Leaf, Geranium and Chamomile).

Also, I get him outside. Not to play, but just to be out in the fresh air and to get some sun exposure. He gets to chill in his wagon all bundled up while we go for a short 20+ minute walk. It works. He always feels a little better and happier. Keep in mind that if your child has a severe respiratory infection, DO NOT take them out in subfreezing conditions OR if your child has a fever don't take them out on a hot day (use common sense please). This will worsen their conditions.

Dress them appropriately, limit their exposure and make sure they are comfortable.

And remember, if your little one doesn't want to go outside, don't make them. But you may be surprised to find them excited to go!