Support your Immune system

Have you thrown around the words "my immune system" lately?  Good news. The relationship between a healthy immune system and Vitamin A has been firmly established. Vitamin A not only helps fight infection (it was initially called the "anti-infection" vitamin).

But when you have an infection, your body reduces your body's Vit. A levels because the infection reduces your body's ability to synthesize it.  AND, when you have an infection or fever, you will also pee out more Vit. A.  Basically, when you have an infection your body reduces Vit. A levels in different ways which makes you prone to more infections and the cycle goes on.

Bottom line? Make sure you have adequate Vit. A levels to begin with. The RDA for adults is 900 micrograms daily (3,000 IU) for men and 700 micrograms daily (2,300 IU) for women.

Powerhouse food sources of preformed (retinol) Vit. A are cod liver oil, liver, dairy and fortified cereals.

Some provitamin A sources are dark leafy greens, sweet potato, butternut squash, pumpkin and cantaloupe. Make sure you eat a little fat with these sources so your body can assimilate them.  Vitamin A is a "fat soluble vitamin" (have you heard that term before?).  Cooking or steaming greens also makes them more bioavailable. 

**Remember, more is NOT better. Overdosing can be toxic, especially to pregnant women or those with a compromised liver status. 


Some high quality supplemental sources are: