How to build habits

One of the first things I needed to learn to be successful in eating a specific way for my fitness goals was to make it a habit. And uncomplicated too. I just listened to a podcast by Muscle for Life fitness author Michael Matthews about habits. What I’m grasping is that simplicity is where it’s at. Then this leads to attainable habits which leads to success. When Michael Matthews said that he is a creature of habit, almost robotic in nature, and eats the same meals pretty much every day it clicked for me. Stop making it complicated. Simple is sexy. So this little nugget of information paired with the incredible knowledge I am getting for this mind blowing book “The One Thing”, is excelling my performance. The One Thing explains how it takes an average of 66 days, not 30 or 21 days which we have been led to  believe. The book has a website with free tools, including this simple calendar. The premise is if you mark of a completed habit every day (and pick just one!), you’ll be more motivated as you see those green x’s (and how you don’t want to see the failure red x’s).  I really recommend listening to Muscle for Life podcasts and picking up a copy of The One Thing (library should have it but I can see that I will want to re-read this one!). 

Janine Henkel