How to give yourself a "COOKBOOK BREAK" and be real like the authors are.

Do you own so many cookbooks that they officially have their own place in your house for storage? How many cookbooks do you have that you have only cooked one...or none of the recipes?

Is this your cookbook collection?

Is this your cookbook collection?

My new rule is that I only keep ones that I LOVE like One Pot Paleo (it's hands down my favourite). And I preview at the library before I buy.

It's hard when you get sucked into beautiful cookbook photos (especially when you're hungry) and see gorgeous authors cooking in beautiful kitchens, kids happily smiling nearby. Then you look at the recipe and think

"WTF! I have NO time for that!"

So give yourself a break. Cookbooks are two things: they provide delicious recipes for those who have time to shop, prepare and make them. AND they are works of art. Really inspirational art. And the authors (most of them) worked their butts off to make these gorgeous books that we can all learn from. But the reality is that they don't eat this way every day either. Or every week. Some don't even cook a "complicated" recipe for months after launching a book. It's draining. They eat healthy, quick meals by using simple tactics that I have mentioned before.

Or they EAT OUT (gasp!)

Yes, our beloved authors eat out. And some eat out quite a bit.

Check out your favourite cookbook author's social media feed and you'll quicklysee that they post A LOT of photos of food that they are eating at restaurants. 

But before you burn them at the stake, remember that they are human too. And most of them get inspiration from eating out to produce more healthy recipes that you can duplicate.  This is their profession and some of their inspiration comes from eating delicious dishes. You can't really just dream up a Spanish dish unless you have tasted one that moves you.

So give yourself a break and realise that very few people have the time to prepare cookbook recipes for a majority or their meals. 

Yes, you are normal.