Let's do a shot together! - Create your own anti-inflammatory tonic for pennies.

Who needs some anti-inflammatory support?

The world is bursting with new products targeted to help soothe our weary bodies and brains. And although I would love nothing more than to just go out and buy these tonics, time and money always seem to get in the way.

I broke out the juicer hidden in storage the other day to make some home-made ginger/lemon/cayenne shots since store-bought shots are like $20 a bottle (slight exaggeration) and Whole Foods is a road-trip for me.


Ancient practices have proven that certain herbs, spices and botanicals hold some powerful anti-inflammatory properties. So I've harnessed a few of these exceptional ingredients below and created a very simple "shot".


This was perfect to satisfy my need to recover and repair after a brutal workout or stressful day.

*Note - these contain high FODMAP foods like beetroot and lemon, so be sure to strain your juice through a cheesecloth if you have SIBO to remove any fiber. If you don't have SIBO, include the bits of pulp for extra digestive support.

Anti-Inflammatory Shot - Juicer Version

➜ approx. total macro for entire recipe: 180 kcal, 2g P, 14g C, 14g F (makes 3-ish 2 oz servings)


  1. Juice everything except the Turmeric and MCT oil (make sure you juice the ginger with a soft veggie).
  2. Blend the juice with a with tsp of turmeric and tbsp of MCT oil.

🥃I passed it out in shot glasses which made it seem more festive (I tried).

A little too spicy for the 6-year-old but he did all the juicing.

And it was delicious enough to go through the trouble of dragging out the juicer again the next day.


No time to break out the juicer? I feel you. Here's a super fast version that will have you slamming your shot glass down on the table in no time:

Anti-Inflammatory Shot - "I have No Time!" version

(you'll need a large jar,  a hand-held lemon juice like a fork and a garlic press)


  • 🍋 2 lemons, cut in half
  • 1" knob of ginger, cut into 1/4" pieces (optional - peel it using the back of a spoon)
  • 1 tsp + turmeric (I used New Chapter's Fermented Turmeric)
  • 1/8 tsp cayenne (seriously, measure this one!)
  • water
  1. Juice the lemons into the jar by using a hand-held juicer or a fork (just smoosh the lemon pulp with the fork while squeezing the lemon).
  2. Press the ginger pieces one by on in the garlic press. Scrape any leftover pulp from the outside of the press into the jar as well.
  3. Add in the turmeric and cayenne.
  4. Fill with water and shake.
  5. Drink in small doses (shots) and refridgerate the rest.

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