One Crazy Lifechanging Question To Ask Yourself (to get the health you want).

steps for an elimination diet

Most of us complain about being out of shape, have an eye-poppin backside or just lose some wrinkles.  I'm right there with ya!

But recently I had a simple mind-shift that made those desires seem....less desirable. I was talking to a friend who told me how she made a simple tweak in her diet that brought her some epic, life-chaning benefits.  The "I didn't realize I could feel this good" kind of benefit. The kind of feeling that is waaaay better than nice biceps or less crows feet.  It made me think..."I wonder what I would feel like right now if I was in the most best state of health I could be in?" What would my energy feel like? My mood? My outlook on life? Would my wants change or my focus?


All my friend did was remove dairy from her diet for two months. She said she could not believe how that one simple thing made her feel more energetic, more focused, happier and basically more alive.

Why is this better than six pack abs or round glutes?  Because when you reach this level of health, your priorities change. It's a shift in your gratification needs. And if you still seek those aesthetic changes, now you have the energy and quite possibly a better diet to support a faster transformation. Win-Win. And all it took was her doing an elimination diet for a few weeks.

Simple. Free.

Here's a crazy marketing trend I found: According to clickbank (marketing funnel), the top 5 money-making items on their affiliate program for health and fitness are either detox smoothies, quick weight and fat-loss schemes or supplements. That's where money is being funnelled to.  So it's obvious people are seeking this transformation in their health. The problem is not only is it very expensive. The people selling you these products may have no credentials or background in health, which makes it kinda dangerous too.

What are you really buying? You're buying hope of a future change.

So before you spend more money on supplements you may not need or detox smoothies or some new crazy workout plan, take a hard look at your diet first. Try an elimination diet for 3 weeks. The biggest food allergens out there are gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy.  Try removing one for 14 days and see how you feel. Then introduce it back into your diet and see how your body responds.

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