"Fast Food" tips and tricks to eat healthy when time is tight.

Who has time to cook recipes from a cookbook EVERY SINGLE DAY? Not me.

When you are hungry, you are not in the right mind-set and the crankiness begins. If you take the simple step of just feeding your body simple, healthy foods, you will notice an IMMEDIATE shift in your mood and energy. Your body could care less if you eat a fancy recipe or the basics. It wants macros, micros and phytonutrients to keep on moving.

Here is are two really quicks tip to feed yourself and your family healthy when time is tight or you're on the go!

1. Remember the rule of thirds:

protein, carb and fat.

You want your plate to have one from each. So instead of worrying about being fancy, just choose one healthy protein, carb and fat on your plate and Bam! Fast Food.  

Here's an example: I usually have wild canned salmon/tuna or organic Turkey slices or organic cooked Chicken breast in my fridge. So grab some turkey slices and put it on a plate. Or, if you are a vegetarian, grab some eggs and boil at least 6 of them (you can use them tomorrow too).

Next, choose a healthy carb source like some raw veggies chopped and sliced in appealing, snackable way. Or cooked sweet potato (microwave while you're getting your protein on your plate).

Then top with a good fat. Drizzle olive oil on your sweet potato or slice some avocado on the side. 

2.  Grocery stores: 

healthy, economic "fast food".

Most grocery stores have a produce/veggie section as well as some cooked chicken breast in the hot bar area.  You are basically following the same rule as above: protein, carb and fat. Grab some cooked chicken breast or hard boiled eggs or some almond/coconut milk and a single vegan protein powder pouch. That's your protein.

Grab some low sugar fruits (berries are a great choice) and maybe even a cucumber, tomato or other vegetable you like to nosh on. That's your carbohydrate. 

Most grocery stores also have portable fats like almond butter, coconut oil or other nut butters. Grab one or two that appeal to you. That's your fat.

Hope these quick tips help you keep your hunger in check and health on track.