Health Hack - How to meet most of your Calcium and Magnesium needs by drinking water.

Want to know a sneaky way to get some Calcium and Magnesium in?

The current daily recommendation for Calcium is 1000-1200 mg a day for most adults. Magnesium comes in at 300-400 mg a day for most adults.

According to several studies,
the bioavailability of the calcium in mineral water
is as good, if not better, than dairy. 

I'm not talking about just carbonated water. But true mineral water that is usually sold in glass bottles. Trader Joe's is one common source, along with Whole Foods, PCC, Sprouts and any other natural foods store you can find.


Trader Joes sells 1 liter for $1.50. It has almost 30% of your Calcium and Magnesium needs, plus some hydration (water!).

So grab a case, add some lemon/lime/basil/cucumber to a glass of mineral water and feel fancy!