How to Create, Follow and Troubleshoot your Nutrition Plan.

"I bought a (book, meal plan, pdf, webinar)... help me (lose weight, gain muscle, get healthy)...

 ...but it's too hard. I have no idea where to start!!"

Sometimes the answer in life is so simple, we underestimate the power of it.

This is the case for meal planning and troubleshooting.

Our phones are constantly being blown up with pictures of successful people just killing it in the fitness/health world. And I'm ashamed to tell you how much I spent over the years on:

  • Cookbooks based on goals (paleo, IIFYM, vegetarian, etc)
  • Professional meal plans
  • Webinars
  • How-To books
  • Downloads (food, fitness)

It wasn't until I got my Master's in Nutrition and became a Certified Fitness Trainer, that I dug in and learned for myself all the "trademark secrets" that have been bastardized and exploited over the years.

It's simple folks.

I now use these very basic skills for myself when I have a goal (i.e. trying a new diet like Keto or finishing a project). And it works every single time. All it requires from you is implementation and follow-through. 

Sometimes I feel people need a huge mountain or very precise skill to make a nutrition goal happen. Like if the process too simple there must be something terribly wrong with it. But that's not the case ➜ it really just is learning the process, applying it and troubleshooting it.

And this is also what professional athletes and fitness folks do.

It's actually pretty unglamorous. 

If you have a desire to change, want to follow-through with a nutrition plan you have (or need some new ones) and just need someone to say "this is how you do it" in teeny, tiny steps ➔ I have something you may be very interested in.

I created a short, simple tutorial that walks you through the following:

  • Why this is different.
  • What to expect.
  • Define and then conquer your goal.
  • How to use the ultimate food tracking tool (that's 100% FREE)
  • How to troubleshoot using a nutrition bata Base (that's 100% FREE)
  • Four meal plans you'll learn to customize (core, elimination, detox and reset)
  • Simple meal prep technique for busy people.
  • Additional resources like a healthy smoothie template, a guide to fats and oils and phytonutrients.

I want to stress that this is very simple and boiled down. Don't overcomplicate it. I kept it short and simple for a reason: information overload usually means zero action.

And, it's only $10.