How to Create the Juiciest Chicken Ever using One Simple Trick.

Brining is a very old method used to soften tough meat. Luckily today we don't necessarily need to find ways to turn leather into a meal, but this super simple hack will make your dinner guests think you're a magician in the kitchen. 

Learn how to brine in 46 seconds flat! (see video)

🚨Don't forget that quality meat makes a huge difference too (and is just kinder to the animal and environment).  TIP: If the package says "Natural" that means NADA - poop is natural too... Go for Organic, Free-Range, Pastured, 'Certified Humane Raised and Handled'.

Can't afford Organic you say?

Thrive Market has higher-than-Organic standards for their meat and seafood. Their chicken is around $4 per serving and comes with FREE shipping.

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Janine Henkel