Keto Diet - Live Q&A June 23rd



Curious about The Keto Diet? (or have no idea what I just said?)

🎯Save the Date! - June 23rd (Saturday) from 9:30 - 10:30 am

📍 Where? Douglas County Community Center - 1329 Waterloo Ln (North Room) Gardnerville

💲Price? A curious mind (FREE)

My name is Janine and I'm a total Nutrition NERD. I also have a Master's Degree in Nutrition, I'm a Certified Nutritionist (WA) and CNS eligible. 

This basic introductory class will be ➜ fun, lively and very useful to anyone considering a Keto Diet - or who tried it, got confused and didn't see results.

Who is this talk for? Anyone who ☛

✔️Is curious but has no idea where to start.

✔️Has tried but "failed" (there may be a simple reason)

✔️Is a current Keto follower (you may learn a new trick or two!)

✔️Wants more physical energy and less fatigue.

✔️Wants more focus and less brain fog.

✔️Is into fitness. (you will love this)

✔️Wants to lose weight.

✔️Wants to break their sugar/carb addiction.

✔️Has an open mind to a new way of eating.

What will be covered:

✔️ What is a Keto Diet/Ketosis/Ketones.

✔️Why a Keto Diet has shown to be so powerful in weight loss, athletic performance and mental focus.

✔️Who should NOT try a Keto Diet.

✔️How to start, track and troubleshoot your personalized Keto Diet.

✔️Powerful Resources (from FREE to $) that will just launch you in your KETO journey.

✔️And more....


  • Room space is limited to 70 - Sorry, I can't take reservations. Ill open the doors by 9:15 am.

*Medical Disclaimer - I am not a Doctor and do not know your personal medical history. This talk is meant to be a fun and entertaining introduction to a Keto Diet.