Should you take a Food Sensitivity Test?

Short answer: YES.

If you don’t have the time (or patience) to do a controlled elimination diet for common triggers, a Food Sensitivity Test (aka IgG) is a great option. Especially if you suspect a food sensitivity issue.

This test can also go deeper to see if you’re sensitive to a broader array of things like fruits, food coloring and more.

Things that can cause bigger issues besides just feeling like crap.

The average cost for a test at your nutritionist’s office is around $220+.

Thrive Market just rolled out a 96 different food triggers test:

Cost? $160. Thrive Market



Convenience (order today).


No one to go over your test results in detail and then develop a food plan for you.

But at least you have options.

*A Food Allergy Test is different. Its called a IgE and is for acute, dangerous reactions like peanuts.