The Power of Exogenous Ketones - mind, energy, focus, sleep.

Harness the Power of Exogenous Ketones

You may or may not have heard of BulletProof Coffee. So here's a refresher: it's a simple recipe that generally uses ghee (butyrate for gut health) and MCT oil (a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides that are metabolized quickly and creates ketones). It's also the way most Keto/Low Carb followers begin their morning. Why?

Because they have stabilized blood sugar and
their brain relies on Ketones for fuel.

A common "side effect" is also reduced appetite suppression and increased fat burning while remaining in a state of ketosis - because of ketone bodies that are present providing fuel.

So what are Ketones? Ketones are three chemicals that are produced when fatty acids (fat) are broken down in excess and glucose is scarce. They are: Acetoacetate, β-Hydroxy butyrate and Acetone. These ketone bodies are a clean source of fuel for the brain, heart and muscles. They travel well across cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier, and are a major energy source for the brain during starvation.


Most of us are in a slight form of ketosis first thing when we wake up.

We then get hungry when our glycogen stores (readily mobilized storage form of glucose) begin to dip. 


You only really need to know that β-Hydroxy butyrate (aka BHB) is the primary ketone and the one measured in blood. It's also what exogenous ketone salts are made of. 

What do peeps use exogenous Ketones for? To help push them into ketosis if they are following a high fat/keto diet. 

Why do they want to do that? Because falling out of a hard-earned ketogenic state can mean cravings for glucose. 

Short Lesson ➜ Getting into Ketosis means your body is relying primarily on fat for fuel (Brain - Ketones. Muscles - Fatty Acids).  Some cells still require glucose, like red blood cells, which is why we have this incredible system called gluconeogenesis (turning non-carb sources into glucose) built in. If we fall out of ketosis, our brain then shifts back to wanting glucose as a survival method. And we know how hard it is to fight cravings, right?


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Here's the interesting thing about high-quality exogenous BHB ketones. It's been shown to reduce inflammation and according to Dr. Dom D'Agostino "ketone supplements deliver a drug-like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, signalling molecule effect that is independent of its metabolic effects" (Keto Reset Diet 2017)

So it appears that exogenous ketones have some powerful properties that go beyond appetite suppression and fat burning.


Some other positive known effects of ketones are:

  • Enhanced sleep - I can personally attest to this one. I put some ketones in my gentle sleep tea and had the best REM sleep I've had in years. Why? My personal theory is that it's some sort of nootropic effect, calming effect created by giving your brain some fuel. But who knows!

  • Clear Focus - When I need to harness the power of my brain, I drink a serving of ketones in water. Within 20 minutes I get a flood of clarity. Here is a simple Keto BulletProof Coffee for you to try.

  • Energy/Endurance- Like MCT oil/power, drinking some ketones fasted before a workout can really push your through some PR's. Why? One theory is that if your brain senses it has fuel, it won't send that "Feed Me!" signal when it senses your glycogen levels are low.


Curious about Exogenous Ketones?

My “Top Shelf” choice: Pruvit Ketones. This was the first commercially available exogenous Ketone product. There is a lot of science and brain powder behind this product - just look at the company and you’ll see an impressive line-up of doctors, researchers and clinicians working behind the scenes. They are eduction and science-based.

And this product just Flat Out works.

I use and love this product. It’s in my supplement budget. I don’t pitch this product. But I highly encourage (almost) everyone with fatigue, brain fog or energy slumps to try it just one time.

They are an MLM which, if you get past the initial “ugh” response, is not such a horrible thing. If you buy at full retail, they are about $7 per serving, which people gladly pay for because, again, this product works.

But if you’re frugal with your pennies (like me!) you can start doing the math and get it for about $3.80 per serving or even FREE by taking these steps:

  • Wait for a sale (I post these on my FB group - come join me here)

  • Set up auto-ship and get 22% off each month plus the 4th month for free (you can cancel this at anytime in like one click).

  • Get two friends to sign up with auto-ship and you get your Ketones for free (yes, this is the MLM part!)

Again, I would encourage you try them first then decide if you like them or not. Then re-visit the bulletpoints above to get them much cheaper.

My next choice would be Perfect Keto ~

The folks at Perfect Keto have a various line of Ketone products including base Ketones, MCT powder, Keto Greens, Keto Pre-workout and more. These ketones were developed by a Functional Medicine Doctor and are one of the more affordable product lines out there.

Use the Code: "OPN15" for 15% off your first order.

Need more instructions of cool info-graphs on Exogenous Ketones? Check out this post.


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