The Power of Hydration

We've all heard it: Drink more Water! And most of us think we do.

But do we really?

Being dehydrated by as little as 1-2% of your bodyweight (considered "mild dehydration") can come across as fatigue or brain fog.  Other ailments we may treat with prescription or OTC (over the counter) medications, like allergies or constipation, may merely be due to dehydration. And sometimes these OTC medications make it worse. For example: taking a laxative if you're dehydrated may only make you more dehydrated and more constipated. I cover quite a few common ailments that may be due to dehydration in a recent article published in

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The rule of thumb for a healthy adult is half your body weight in ounces. For example, I weigh 150 pounds. Divided by half is 75. Take this # and add "ounces". So, 75 ounces a day.

 And...water is free.

This DOESN'T factor in things like hot environments/sweating, exercise or those who have an increased need for water (detox, diuretics, etc).

Try this experiment just for fun. Track how much water (not juice, tea, coffee, etc) you actually drink in a day. I'll bet you start out strong like I do. But then by 5 pm realize "oh shit. I've only drunk 40 ounces" so you start pounding a big glass then stay up all night peeing. 

I use a free water tracking app just to be aware and train myself to drink throughout the day.  It's just to educate yourself. Not get OCD about it. 

iPhone? Try waterlogged or water daily.
Android? Try Water Drink and Hydro coach that seem to be popular. 


And finally...


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