Three simple things to do for Stress Management - the last one is key.

Its harder then just "trying to relax". But easier than you think.

Its harder then just "trying to relax". But easier than you think.

Does the phrase "just relax" make you want to scream? It should because unless you're a robot or Siri, it's not going to work.

Being stressed out all the time, called "Chronic Stress", is linked to heart disease, IBS (stomach issues), ulcers, testosterone deficiency, lowered immunity and weight gain/loss. And this is just a few that I've listed since I know your eyes are glazin' over (oh, it's also linked to poor eye health).

3 ways to manage stress

#1 Journal it.

Interestingly enough, this practice was validated by polygraphers. It's called "Pathophysiology of Disclosure". The basic concept is: it takes a lot of work to keep in all those thoughts and feelings. So much so that it can grow from annoying your immune system to becoming the cause of a disease.  Re-read that, please.

When you dump all those crappy feelings out and onto paper, you release a flood of negativity and behaviour.   And a lot of it is festering in your subconscious. Once it's out, it can be interpreted, addressed and organized.  And your body will automatically relax. 

Yes, you can hold a bitch session too but when has that EVER led to anything but more feelings of anger, resentment and hostility? Think about it.

#2 Workout. 

Whatever a good, break-a-sweat workout means to you. Dr. John Ratey , the author of the groundbreaking book "SPARK: The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain", states in his interview with Fitness Magazine  "Through regular cardio, you actually change your brain, so it takes more and more stress to trigger the fight-or-flight response..." and ""Exercise helps produce resilience, not because it eliminates the stress response, which would be bad because you want your body to recognize and respond to dangerous situations, but because it acts as a buffer to it."

As we age, we lose brain cells. But through a vigorous workout, we can actually create new brain cells through brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which strengthen's brain cells, making them more resilient to stress. 

A good workout also provides oxygen to the brain which creates healthier brain cells in general. 

Plus who doesn't feel GOOD after a sweaty workout? 

#3 Hit the ignore button.

You can't please everyone. We all know that. So if someone pisses you off, talks down to you, has an unsolicited opinion or insults you in some other way...who cares? Take the power back from them and ignore it. Not only will you not obsess over it, you essentially deflate the entire interaction. It's doesn't exist if you don't give it wings. And then it just doesn't stress you out. Try it sometime. Don't give something negative any life or attention and it goes away.

Eckhart Tolle does a great job coaching you through this in his best-selling book "A New Earth".  He teaches you to lose the ego and just be at peace in the moment.

Which is something everybody wants.