Why “Everything in Moderation” is Weak Nutritional Advice

If you seek health advice from someone (weight loss, fatigue, tummy issues, etc) and they generalize nutrition with “eat everything in moderation”...

Look Elsewhere  

These things you’re enjoying “in moderation” can be the very roadblocks that make you gain weight or feel like a pile of dog crap.

For example, if you have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and you eat a pizza with garlic, onions, and mushrooms…you’re probably going to have some gas/bloating issues.

Or if you have a genetic disorder that doesn’t allow you to metabolize aspartame (phenylketonuria), drinking that Diet Pepsi once a week can lead to neurological problems.

Have insulin resistance? Then that piece of cake or cookie  “in moderation” is probably going straight to your fat cells.

Or if you have a high sensitivity to dairy/gluten/sugar/eggs (the list is endless) and you eat just a tiny bit, you may experience some fun side-effects like: weight gain, depression, headaches, gut ache, breakouts, energy crash and brain fog.

An example analogy is a heroin addict or alcoholic having some “in moderation”.  If it’s your poison, this mantra just doesn’t work.

The fix?

Eat the naughty treats in moderation that YOU KNOW you can tolerate without crashing and burning.

Because although that 30 seconds of face-stuffing yip-yaps feels so good, it may cause days (yep days) of effects that make you think “Why do I feel like sh*t?”


An empowered person is an educated person.


Want to narrow down your poison? Try an elimination diet to see which major foods you are sensitive to. Click here to get a PDF of steps:


https://janinehenkel.com/ blog/elimination-diet-steps.