“I need to Detox…!”


Upcoming Detox Workshops

(there is no better time to start than NOW)


10-day detox workshop

Saturday January 12th 2019 11-12:30

Prepare to learn (a lot) about:

  • Why we get overloaded with toxins

  • Which seemingly safe and common things are slowly killing you

  • Where you can find products and food that are much safer and equally affordable.

  • How to safely support your body’s detox system (every day)

  • Connect with people who are here for the same reason you are!

Location: 1624 US Hwy 395 Ste 1 Minden Nevada.

*space is limited to 10*


Included in this powerful 10-day DETOX package:

✔️ (2) group sessions* - before (Jan 12th) and during (Jan 19th)

✔️ 60 minute massage certificate (Carson City and Gardnerville locations)

✔️ Supplements (Metagenic’s vanilla ‘Clear Change Detoxification’)

✔️ Shopping List and Recipes

✔️ Daily email support from Metagenics

✔️ Direct access to Janine through Voxer

✔️ Tips for success

✔️ Group support and motivation

Pay via PayPal here:

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For more information on Metagenics Clear Change Product click here:

Since space is limited, tickets are non-refundable once purchased.

I appreciate your understanding.


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