You're here because you want no-BS, you want it simplified and you don't want to waste time and money. 

And that's what you'll get.

I create a realistic plan based on YOUR needs. A Functional Nutrition approach vs. a generic approach is not only smarter, but safer

Functional Nutrition is a systems-based approach (whole body). We will build a trusting relationship because we spend time talking about you so I can see the whole picture.

That's how I help you achieve your goals.  

Functional Nutrition/Medicine takes the best from both conventional medicine and alternative medicine.  Its been called "Wisdom-Based and Evidence-Based Medicine" (Matthews, 2012) by Dr. Matthews, a Professor at the University of Oxford and a NIHR Senior Researcher. 

Functional Nutrition/Medicine builds its knowledge-base from research, experts, clinicians and patients. Meaning, it just doesn't look at one aspect. It combines several sources to make informed decisions rather than follow mechanical rules. 

You have your own individual biochemical variability. No two people are alike. 

Your personalized nutrition plan is created after I look at your:

  • current diet and supplements

  • lifestyle (past and present)

  • likes, dislikes and any unique obstacles / self-limiting beliefs that arise during our session

  • things you want to change (weight loss, glowing skin, more energy, better sleep….)

  • goals you want to reach - I help you build new, powerful habits.

Pretty genius isn't it?

So I don't just look at your symptoms, I look for a possible dietary and lifestyle cause of what's bothering you and help you restore balance using interventions that are natural and less invasive whenever possible.

Here is what a full consult looks like:

Step 1

  • You and I will chat about about what is bothering you. What solution are you looking for?

  • We'll go over your health history questionnaire and food intake form.

  • What is your ultimate goal?

  • What’s stopping you from reaching them?

  • What specific areas do you need support (i.e. shopping, cooking, family dynamics? Work schedule?)

Step 2

  • You'll get an individualized nutrition and supplementation programs based on YOU (no cookie cutter programs).

  • Programs are designed with your limitations or obstacles in mind.

  • Programs are realistic, attainable and with your dietary preference.

Step 3

  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins

  • Weekly Voxer support for direct access to me (*programs only)

  • Follow-up consultations to go over your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Here's an example - (Physician Referrals only) lab work:

This is a figure taken from Genova Diagnostics Urinary Organic Acids profile guide. It has a powerful clue that directs us to a specific Nutrition Plan for this client due to bacteria/yeast overgrowth markers.

It's a very powerful tool because it's the client’s sample: “test don’t guess”.

When I work with your physician, I’ll review your labs with them to find a Food Plan that works for you. Combining your symptoms, signs and lab reports leads you to a very specific outcome and positive impact on your health.

Credit: Genova Diagnostics Urinary Organic Acid Profile Guide.

Credit: Genova Diagnostics Urinary Organic Acid Profile Guide.


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