Flash Consult - 60 minutes of Concentrated Support $149

Flash Consult - 60 minutes of Concentrated Support $149


Do you need someone to give you that big, giant push in the right direction?

Maybe you have some questions that you just don’t have time to research or unravel on your own.

And all you want to know is “What kind of ‘diet’ would work best for me?”

Let’s sit down for an hour or so, hash out what’s going on that got you to this point, where you want to be and figure out what are the most powerful steps you can take to get you there…as easily as possible.

I cram A LOT into an hour - but don’t stress. It’s all in bite-sized chunks so you’ll leave feeling motivated and empowered (and no longer confused!).

I’ll also send you a follow-up email with all the things we covered (resources, tips, etc) so you’'ll be off to a strong start.

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