Focused 2 hour deep dive + 1 week support

Focused 2 hour deep dive + 1 week support


Not ready for a long-term commitment? Self-starter?

This may be the perfect fit for you.

If you just need some help clearing out the confusion so you can get a powerful start in the right direction. Or maybe have questions that are burning a hole in your brain and just don’t have the time to dig around for answers.

I got you covered.

We can cover a lot in 2 hours. And you’ll leave armed with a simple nutrition plan and strategy to get you started.

  • 2-hour initial deep dive

  • No lengthy initial forms (short form)

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan – Keep it Simple with limited materials.

  • 1-week Voxer Support (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) with 6-hour message return policy between 0700 - 1700

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